The Cable Systems research group develops high quality cables, accessories and complete solutions for the energy infrastructure with HVDC technology. The focus is on design and creativity, technological innovation and sustainability in the HVDC Cable systems.


Group Description
 Environment concerns intensified as meteorological disasters like sandstorms and smog strike frequently caused by human activities. Traditional energy sectors, unfortunately, play a negative role which deepens the crisis. It is a challenge, but also a chance for us to deliver clean electricity in an efficient, reliable and economic way. Renewable energy combined with the Global Energy Interconnection concept seems to be a practical solution. HVDC links provide a technical breakthrough in terms of transmitting bulk energy over long distances. Thus, the fact that electricity produced by wind farms in the North Sea can be used by industrial customers in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg sets a successful example. Cable systems, including land cables, marine cables, cable joints, and cable terminations, are considered a major part of a whole HVDC system. The HVDC Cable System research group is committed to absorbing the cutting-edge technologies developed by European industries and research facilities, adapting them and delivering IP independent solutions for the Chinese market in the short-term. In the long-term, we are going to build our own research platform and advance towards the global market with our designs and products.
 Long-term Goals
 In the long-run, it is planned to develop IP independent software/hardware systems and push our products to Chinese as well as European markets. Furthermore, we are going to provide technical supporting services for promoting HVDC-VSC technology with our European partners. Specifically, the following areas are of our great interests:
●Advanced insulating materials for HVDC cable systems
●Monitoring and diagnosis technologies for HVDC systems
●Supporting devices for HVDC cable systems
 Ongoing Projects
 Currently, we are carrying out the following projects:
●XLPE HVDC cable and its accessories
●200kV VSC circuit-breaker technology and standard application
●XLPE insulation technology
●Prospectives of technology road map for transmission interconnection networks in sustainable energy systems, Feasibility study of an 800kV cable system
●HVDC cable operation and maintenance technology
●HVDC system/grid for transnational interconnections
●HVDC bulk energy film capacitor technology
●Transition metal-based graphene material for high-power SF6 circuit-breaker contacts