The CPS group deals with research on and the development of advanced ICT and data analytics solutions to support a broad range of smart grid applications. A major focus is the use of wireless and fiber technology to design and develop integrated sensing, communication and energy harvesting solutions and prototypes for monitoring in transmission and distribution networks.


Group Description
 A Cyber Physical System (CPS) is a system of close interaction between the physical and computational world. The goal of CPS is to better understand the behavior of the physical world, to predict and to influence the future development of the physical world by using advanced monitoring, modeling and manipulating technology. Example of CPS are for example smart grid, industry 4.0, robots, medical monitoring.
The CPS group at GEIRI Europe deals with CPS solutions for the power grid to increase the adaptability, efficiency, functionality, reliability, safety, and usability of future power energy networks.
Focusing on advanced sensing, communication, energy harvesting and data analytics technology, and through close collaboration with leading European R&D partners, CPS group researches and develops innovative and applicable solutions to enable various smart grid applications such as grid state monitoring, predictive maintenance, life cycle assets management.
 Long-term Goals
●Sensing (smart materials, new sensors, sensing systems)
●Energy harvesting (e.g. wireless and optical)
●Communication (e.g. wireless and optical fiber communications)
●Sensing data processing, edge computing, interferences suppression, and feature extraction
●Integrated sensing, communication and energy harvesting solution

 Ongoing Projects
●Power sub-station Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring system based on distributed UHF signal sensing and wireless sensor network
●Power by Laser Technology for Remote Power Supply of Sensing Devices in High Voltage Network with High Electrical Potential
● Research and development of Multi-parameter Coherent Optical Sensing Technology for Power Industry Application