Energy Storage

Energy storage is an important service to balance the energy supply and demand as well as to stabilize the voltage and frequency in the grid. The goal of the energy storage division is to develop clean, efficient and cost effective technology that is independent of climate and geological conditions. The main fields of research include thermal, liquid air and hydrogen energy storage mechanisms.


Group Description
 Power sector is currently undergoing a transition from a heavily fossil fuel dependent system towards a more sustainable future with increased role of wind and solar technologies. In order to successfully complete this transformation and integrate intermittent generation sources into the power system, a strong and smart power grid is required. Energy storage is one of the key technologies to support the power grid in  balancing power supply and demand, frequency regulation and voltage stabilization. 
 Energy Storage Research Group is dedicated to developing clean energy storage solutions independent of climate and geological conditions. Our current activity areas include thermal energy storage and hydrogen storage systems. In addition, we are actively looking to expand our project portfolio through market research, techno-economic evaluation of new technologies and networking with academia and industry.
 Long-term Goals
 We strive for developing IP and innovative products in the field of energy storage for both European and Chinese markets. Our long term goal is to become technology leaders and advisory experts in the following areas:
●Phase change materials for high temperature thermal energy storage for industrial applications (i.e. Concentrating Solar Power plants), improved thermal management systemsand enhanced cooling systems
●Long-term thermal energy storage in geological aquafers
●Chemical heat pumps for the next generation of thermo-chemical energy storage
●Hydrogen technologies including electrolysis (alkaline, PEM, Solid Oxide), hydrogen storage (high pressure and metal hydrates), power generation (PEM and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells)
 Ongoing Projects
We are currently pursuing the following projects:
●Establishment of research capability in thermal energy storage
●High temperature sensible heat storage using molten salts
●High temperature phase change materials and their heat exchangers
●Thermal management for electric vehiclesbased on new phase change materials
●Converter valve cooling based on application of new phase change materials
●Solid oxide fuel cell power generation system